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Are you now or have you ever been known by any other legal name(s); such as name changed via Deed Poll, name before marriage, previous married name, etc.?



Do you have a national insurance number?
Do you hold a valid UK driving licence?
Do you hold a valid passport? If ‘Yes’ please complete below.

Give details of all jobs held since leaving education to present day, and any periods of unemployment, in full, plus written explanation of gaps:

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What is the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974?

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 exists to support the rehabilitation into employment of reformed offenders who have stayed on the right side of the law.

Under the Act, following a specified period of time which varies according to the disposal administered or sentence passed, all cautions and convictions (except those resulting in prison sentences of over 30 months) are regarded as ‘spent’. As a result, the offender is regarded as rehabilitated.

For most purposes the Act treats a rehabilitated person as if he or she had never committed an offence and, as such, they are not obliged to declare their caution(s) or conviction(s), for example, when applying for employment or insurance.

Because of the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is exempt from the provisions of section 4 (2) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974 by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) Order 1986. Applicants are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are ‘spent’ under the provisions of the Act, and, in the event of employment any failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or other disciplinary action by H & A Support Services. Any information given will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to an application for positions to which the Order applies.

Because of the nature of our business, you are required to submit a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application form. Any disclosures made by the DBS check will remain strictly confidential.

Are you currently in receipt of a DBS check?
Do you authorise us to obtain any necessary information from the DBS in connection with this application for employment?

Please answer this section honestly - and remember if in doubt it is better to declare something than to leave it out.

Having read the above paragraph, I certify that there are no convictions of which you should now be aware.

I give details below of convictions, spent or otherwise, of which you should be aware in considering my application for the above-mentioned post:

Are you disabled?

I confirm the above information is complete and correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give my employer the right to terminate any employment contract offered.

I confirm that I am physically and mentally fit for the purpose of the work which I would be required to perform in the care industry and agree that the organisation reserves the right to require me to undergo a medical examination.
(Should we require further information and wish to contact your doctor with a view to obtaining a medical report, the law requires us to inform you of our intention and obtain permission prior to contacting your doctor).


We are an equal opportunity employer. The aim of our policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, creed, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements, which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

Our selection criteria and procedures are frequently reviewed to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities.

All employees are given equal opportunity and are encouraged to progress within the organisation.

We are committed to an ongoing programme of action to make this policy fully effective. To ensure that this policy is fully and fairly implemented and monitored, for no other reason would you please provide the following information:

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We deal with applications in order of date received. At certain times of the year, especially when other recruitment campaigns are running, our teams become very busy. Please be patient.

When we go through your application, we will check the basic details you have supplied, ensure that you meet the criteria, and check that we can invite you in for an interview.

If your application is shortlisted for the next stage, you will be contacted via telephone. If for any reason we are not able to invite you for an interview you will be advised of this by letter.


If we invite you to attend an interview, you will be asked to bring several items of identification and documentation with you to the interview - please check the enclosed ‘Interview Checklist’ form for details.