H & A Support Service was founded in 2020 with the main objective being to:

Promote the physical, social and psychological well-being of its customers.

Protect and maintain customer’s privacy and dignity.

Promote and deliver high standards of care.

Treat each customer as an individual and show respect for their diversity of culture and values.

Empower customers to make decisions about their own lives, offering where needed support and information.

Provide services that promote the health, safety and welfare of customers.

Develop individual care plans for each customer, which take into consideration the needs and wishes of its customer and their families.

We have been through the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the world and business, we believe that we can give the support that people need and we were expecting the company to grow very slow through the year but it turned out to expand more quickly and the service seems to be going well and we celebrate our first anniversary.

I have experience for over 15 years with the skill of supporting people of various needs, e.g Autism, Mental health, Learning difficulties, Deafblind, Deaf people with Schizophrenia

I have completed courses and obtained Certificates- Care Certificate, Care planning, GDPR Awareness, Coronavirus Awareness and Infection Control, Time Management Awareness, Performance Management, Risk Assessment Awareness, Pressure sore Awareness, Autism awareness, MHFA, Adult Safeguarding, First Aid Emergency life support, Deafblind communication and hand-on, responding to and reporting abuse and more.

We are an independent provider of health and social care support in the community, whose head office is based in the East Midlands. We strive to offer care and support which is tailored to each individual service user’s needs. Our service is built around providing customers with flexible, consistent and reliable personal care and support services. We provide assistance which supports and respects each customer’s right to make informed choices about the services they require within Derby and the surrounding areas.

The aim eventually is to be able to support all people as we grow as a company.

The company will increase awareness to our targeted customers through online advertising, proactive public relations campaigns and attending tradeshows. Word of mouth within the deaf community

With the aim of breaking down all barriers.

Working with our associates not only providing a service but also being able to provide and supply adjustments to people’s homes to enable clients/service users to live within their own homes by increasing the widths of door frames, hand rails, ramps, shower seats, etc.